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We are sooooo excited for the new year! Stay tuned for more updates on the website. Thank you for all your support. You are great!!!

Hello, I am Zhao Lao Shi

Christmas Break from Dec. 19, 2010 to Jan. 2, 2011

My dear parents and students,

Our winter break is coming. Is that so nice we will have a new year and we will have Christmas with our family members? I just want to remind you we will have a winter break from December 19, 2010 to January 2, 2011 and we will be back to school on January 3, 2011.
Time goes so fast and I'm already with you for half a year. During this half a year, we had fun, tears and laughs together. I feel so lucky to be the Chinese teacher here in Stewart and I feel so fortunate to be the teacher of the children. It's my great honor and I wish we could be together forever!
Thank you for all the things you do and I appreciate all the supports, you are all wonderful and great to me. I love all of you! Wo Ai Ni Men

Merry Chritmas and have a wonderful break,
Zhao Lao Shi

What we have learnt in the sixteenth week?

()(shí)(liù)(zhōu)()(men)(xué)()(le)What we have learnt in the sixteenth week
()()(xué)()(le)Keep on learning
圣诞节(shèngdànjié)(xiāng)(guān)(shì)()(míng)(chēng)Things in Christmas
圣诞(shèngdàn)(jié)    Christmas               雪人(xuěrén)      snowman

圣诞(shèngdàn)(lǎo)(rén)  Santa Claus             圣诞(shèngdàn)(líng)    Christmas bell

驯鹿(xùnlù)      reindeer                圣诞树(shèngdànshù)    Christmas tree

圣诞(shèngdàn)()    Christmas stocking       圣诞礼物(shèngdànlǐwù)  Christmas gifts

()(wèi)(shèng)(dàn)(jié)(dào)(le) Its Christmas, David.

(líng)(ér)(xiǎng)(dīng)(dāng)   Jingle Bells (in Chinese)

(xiāng)(guān)()(xíng)The sentences of Christmas is coming
圣诞节(shèngdànjié)(dào)(le)           Christmas is coming,
我们(wǒmen)看到(kàndào)(le)圣诞老人(shèngdànlǎorén)   we see Santa Clause,
我们(wǒmen)看到(kàndào)(le)驯鹿(xùnlù)       we see reindeers,
我们(wǒmen)看到(kàndào)(le)圣诞(shèngdàn)(líng)     we see Christmas bells,
我们(wǒmen)看到(kàndào)(le)圣诞树(shèngdànshù)     we see Christmas trees,
我们(wǒmen)看到(kàndào)(le)圣诞(shèngdàn)()     we see Christmas stockings,
我们(wǒmen)看到(kàndào)(le)圣诞礼物(shèngdànlǐwù)   we see Christmas gifts,
我们(wǒmen)看到(kàndào)(le)雪人(xuěrén)       we see snowmen.
圣诞节(shèngdànjié)快乐(kuàilè)           Merry Christmas!

(xīn)(xué)()(le)  New Contents
国家(guójiā)名称(míngchēng)Names of the countries
美国(měiguó)  America           英国(yīngguó)  Britain
中国(zhōngguó)  China             巴西(bāxī)  Brazil
韩国(hánguó)  South Korea       加拿大(jiānádà) Canada

关于(guānyú)圣诞节(shèngdànjié)(de)(xīn)句型(jùxíng): The sentence of Christmas
()喜欢(xǐhuān)圣诞节(shèngdànjié)   I like Christmas!

()(men)(zhì)(zuò)(le)We made
(shèng)(dàn)老人(lǎorén)        Santa Claus
圣诞(shèngdàn)(líng)          Christmas bell
圣诞节(shèngdànjié)(xiǎo)(shū)      small book of Christmas Comes
圣诞节(shèngdànjié)色子(shǎizi)      dice of Christmas things
国家(guójiā)国旗(guóqí)色子(shǎizi)    dice of countriesflags

()()            Calendar
(shù)()1-50        Numbers 1-50
(xíng)(zhuàng)(zhòng)()(guī)()  Shape patterns
(tǒng)()         Graph ofMy favorite farm animal & Trim the Christmas Tree First idea of more than/ less than
奇数(qíshù)()偶数(ǒushù)   Knowing odd numbers and even numbers (in Chinese)
(liǎng)()(liǎng)个数(gèshù) Count by two (in Chinese)
(jiǎn)(dān)(jiā)()     Simple Addition of Christmas